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All of our products are GLUTEN FREE, Vegan friendly, Soy free and *Nut free *unless otherwise stated. We can also have refined sugar free options. We may be able to create beautiful, tasty cakes even if you have other allergies or dietary requirements (e.g. Fructose intolerance). However, we are unable to create Paleo or Keto friendly cakes, due to most of our cakes contain grain based flours.

Please let us know if you have a high gluten intolerance, or have multiple allergies.

All of our products are made from gluten free ingredients, and there are no gluten containing ingredients used in our kitchen. Our bakeware and tools are purchased and only used for gluten free & vegan baking.

However please be aware they are created in the same kitchen where traces of gluten/dairy/egg/nut products may be present (e.g. Shop bought items for our children that contain wheat, egg and dairy or gluten free ingredients purchased from a local health food store that may not be factory packaged).

We take our hygiene and your dietary requirements very seriously, between each creation, we make sure our tools, bakeware and equipment are clean to minimise the risk of cross contamination. Because of the bespoke nature of our business, our products are not tested for gluten.