Please click here to place an order/make an enquiry 09. Do you make licensed character/logo cakes at all? - Bloominghills

Unfortunately we do not make licensed logo or character cakes due to copyright law. We understand a lot of children love a particular character, but we can’t, in good conscience use someone else’s intellectual property. It can be a very debatable and sensitive issue among cake decorators, but our stance is firm.

Simply put, if you are a parent who wants to make a “superman” logo cake, it is totally fine. But for us legally, we are not allowed to make any profit using licensed characters, symbols, logos or any part of an image without the creator’s permission. Because of this, we ask you to provide your own licensed toppers, decoration, or figurines. If you already have figurines/items that you would like to place on your cake, simply bring it to us two weeks before your event, so they can be assessed before putting on the cake. This way if there is something that needs to be done to them we will have time to sort it out.

With that said we can still create a cake that will fit with the theme of the party, including similar elements to match in with any licensed toppers or decorations.