Design Cake

Design cakes

  • We are unable to use vibrant bottled food colours, metallic spray paint, dust or fondant. We will not be able to take any orders that requires strong, vibrant colours e.g. paw patrol, Bluey, Batman, AFL teams etc.
  • Most toppings & decorations are designed & made in house. However we there are toppers & figurines we purchase for decoration purpose e.g. dinosaur, fairy etc. These will be all purchased brand new, sterilized & sealed in food safe manner before they are placed on the cakes. Extra cost will apply for the toppers and it is subject to availability.

Price guide

  • Price will be subject to design, size, servings, flavour & with/without toppers etc. Approx price guide of design cakes are
    – 6″ round serves 6-10  $190-230.00
    – 7″ round serves 8-14 $220-270.00
    – 8″ round serves 15-24  $260-320.00
    – 9″ round serves 20-30 $290-390.00
    *** All standard height – 3 layer cakes with filling & cream. Extra charges will apply for the extended height (4 layer cakes) cakes.

Please use an enquiry form below for a quote.

Design cake enquiry form
Actual date that cake will be consumed.
FRI until 9pm, SAT until 11am. We will send an SMS with pick up details as soon as your order is ready.
Please enter a description of the event so we can make a design to suit. eg Daughters 18th, Sons 5th, Husbands 60th Birthday, Wedding, Aniversary etc.
We use vegetable & fruit based natural food colours in our decoration and they tend to stay in their natural shade. We will not be able to achieve vibrant / metallic colours.
*All of our products are made from gluten free ingredients, and there are no gluten containing ingredients used in our kitchen. The dedicated kitchen only used for Bloominghills – gluten free, vegan & allergy free baking. We take our hygiene and your dietary requirements very seriously. We always make sure our bakewares, tools and equipment are clean between each creation to minimize any risk of cross contamination.
Write N/A if you have no specific requirements
Please note that we are unable to copy other designer's work. We can get the feel / inspirations from the cake you are after, create something similar.

Dietary note

  • All of our products are gluten free, vegan (no dairy, no egg & cruelty free ingredients) soy free, nut free and created in our dedicated “Bloominghills” kitchen.
  • No artificial ingredients or artificial food colours are used in our decorations. We only use organically grown culinary grade edible flowers in our decorations.
  • Our standard cakes are made with a minimal amount of cane sugar and other sweeteners e.g. maple syrup & organic rice malt syrup.
  • *Full Refined sugar free option is available, please use the check box on the product order form (note: a 15% surcharge applies).* We use xylitol, stevia, organic rice malt syrup, pure maple syrup, organic coconut sugar, dates for our refined sugar free products. Surcharge applies to cover the extra cost of  the ingredients.

Cake height

Standard height cake (left) Vs Extended height cake (right)
  • Standard height – 3 layers of cake filled with choice of filling & cream. The final iced cake height is around 10-13cm.
  • Extended height – 4 layers of cake filled with choice of filling & cream. The final iced cake height is around 15-20cm. A cake board will be placed between the 2nd & 3rd layer of cake which separates a tall cake into two shorter cakes making it easier to serve.
  • Cake heights can change depending on flavour & how the whole cake is iced. The finished cake will be taller with the decorations.