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Price Guideline

Price Guideline

At Bloominghills all of our creations are made to order, the ingredients are purchased fresh, and everything is baked/made from scratch. Due to the nature of our cakes, we can not choose to use bulk pre-mixes, as many of these pre-made cake mixes contain one or more allergy triggering ingredients. (e.g. Egg, Milk, Soy, Nut, Wheat, as well as unknown numbered additives). This principle applies to purchasing all of our baking ingredients – the raw ingredients tend to cost more, but at least we know what we put in the cakes.

Even a simple, gluten free flour blend is made out of at least 5 different types of flour, all of which have different characteristics. To come up with one cake flavour may require a completely different recipe to another flavour, we have tested and tried countless recipes to get it right.

Decorating cakes without artificial food colouring is the most challenging part of our creations. It is not as simple as adding a drop or two of food colouring; each colour may require one or more different ingredients (vegetables or fruits), each of which has a different pH (acidic vs alkaline) level. The colour requires more time to develop, and the outcome is not known until the cake is baked.

If you don’t mind what is in the cake and are just looking for a basic good looking cake, then we may not be the right place for you. There are amazing cake makers around that can help.

All of our cakes are made using real organic & Australian ingredients where possible without any artificial additives or colours. Our aim is to create the best looking & tasting cake possible, we put our heart and soul into each creation to make this happen. Our cakes are priced accordingly.  If this is the type of cake you are after, we can definitely create a one of a kind cake for your special day.

This is a brief guide on how we price our cakes. The price may or may not be the same as the guideline, please do not be afraid to contact us and get a proper quote. The price will vary depending on the type of cake, design, details, elements and ingredients used.

Please use this chart as a GUIDE ONLY, each one of our creations is unique may vary from the base price.

Cupcakes – please note minimum order quantity

Prices include a choice of filling and standard garnishes (no fillings in the mini cupcakes). The minimum order is 12(Dozen) for a single flavour for standard size and 24 for a single flavour for mini cupcakes.

Extra toppings like fresh fruit, candied fruit or a refined sugar option can be added at an additional cost.

Mini Size (Minimum order 2 dozen)$85 for 2 dozen
Standard Size (Minimum order 1 dozen)$86.00 – $94.90 per dozen

Classic swirl anything that can be piped directly on the cupcake with assorted garnishes.

Sweet Blossom
Mini Size (Minimum order 2 dozen)
(1 flower/cupcake)
Standard Size (Minimum order 1 dozen)
(1-3 flowers /cupcake)

Beautiful buttercream flowers, individually piped and placed on the cupcake.

Whole Cakes – 3 layer cakes filled with filling & Buttercream

The height of our single tier cakes are approximately 10-11cm iced and styling will add an extra height of 3-5cm depending on the design.
Indulgence range cake price will vary depending on the type of cake and flavour.
This is a base price including your choice of filling and standard garnishes. You can choose one cake and cream flavour per cake.
Extras like fresh fruit, candied fruit, writing or the refined sugar option can be added at an additional cost.

Sizes – Round cakeIndulgence
Prices start from
Sweet Blossom (Flower cake)
Prices start from
4” (~10cm)Only available in tier cakeOnly available in tier cake
6” (~15 cm)$149.50N/A
7” (~18 cm)$179.50N/A
8” (~20.4 cm)$198.50N/A
9” (~23 cm)$229.50N/A
10” (~25.4cm)$293.50N/A
12” (~30.5 cm)$369.50N/A
Price based on Round cake, vanilla flavour. Square & Heart shape cakes are also available.

Tier Cake (each tier can be a different flavour)

Tier cake prices vary depending on the design. They require more time to design, create and make. Please contact us with the details of how you want your cake to be, including the size, height, type of cake, cream, design, budget etc, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Refined sugar option can be added at an additional cost.

Other Desserts – Cheesecake, Slices, Pies, Tarts, Cookies and Biscuits

These category products are all refined sugar free.

  • Slices – The minimum order for slices are *16 slices for a single type/flavour. Each slices measures approximately 5.5cm x 7.5cm, the height of the slice is between 3.5-5.5cm depending on flavour.
  • Cheesecake –  Round shape cheesecake measures approximately 23-24cm in diameter, height is between 4-5cm. Cheesecake can also be made into slice form.
  • Tarts & Pies  – Round shape tars/pie measures approximately 28cm in diameter and height of 3-5cm depending on design.
  • Cookies & Biscuits require minimum order of 12 for a single type/flavour.  These can weigh anywhere between 30-55g each depending on type.

Prices already include refined sugar option

Type of dessertPrices start from
Price indicates
Slices$139.5016 slices 5.5cm x 7.5cm
Cheesecake$149.00Round 23-24cm in diameter
Cheesecake slices$172.0016 slices 5.5cm x 7.5cm
Pie & Tart$149.00Round 28cm in diameter
Cookies & Biscuits$43.0012 cookies/biscuits, various sizes
* Extra charge will apply for any desserts with vegan meringue & marshmallow topping