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Cake Flavours:

All cakes are Gluten free, Nut free, Soy free and Vegan friendly. Refined sugar free options are also available at additional cost.

Madagascan vanilla cake base

  • Vanilla Raspberry: Raspberry filling + Vanilla buttercream
  • Vanilla Strawberry: Strawberry filling + Strawberry buttercream
  • Vanilla Lemon: Lemon curd filling + Vanilla lemon buttercream
  • Orange Creamsicle : Orange curd filling + Orange buttercream
  • Vanilla Custard: Vanilla custard filling + Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cake base

  • Chocolate Raspberry: Raspberry filling + Vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate Wild berry: Seasonal berry filling + wild berry buttercream
  • Choc Orange: Orange curd + Orange buttercream
  • Cookies & Cream: Chocolate cookie crumbs & cream + Choc cookie crumb buttercream
  • Black Forrest: Cherry filling + Vanilla buttercream + Dark chocolate flakes
  • Choc Caramel: Caramel custard filling +  Caramel buttercream
  • Triple Chocolate: Chocolate ganache filling + Chocolate buttercream
  • Choc Mint: Choc mint ganache filling + Vanilla Mint buttercream
  • Choc Banana: Banana custard filling + Banana caramel buttercream & salted caramel

Special cake bases

  • Earl grey apple: Earl grey vanilla cake + Cinnamon apple filling + earl grey vanilla buttercream
  • Cafe Mocha: Mocha cake + Mocha filling + Mocha buttercream
  • Carrot Cake: Moist carrot cake + Vegan cream cheese filled, iced with candied carrot & salted caramel
  • Hummingbird: Hint of banana & tropical fruit, + Vegan cream cheese filled, iced with organic dried tropical fruits & salted caramel