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Something Savoury

Feeling peckish, looking for something for dinner, or something to bring when visiting a friend? Well look no further, we have you covered with our brand new range of savoury pies. In keeping with our ethos these pies are fully Gluten Free, Vegan (no egg or dairy), Soy free and Nut free. Check out the pictures below to make your mouth water.

Our pies are filled with over 160g of filling, total weight between 260-280g depending on the type of pie. These are bigger than average bakery pies.
We make everything from scratch including 2 different types of pastry – base & top. We do not use shortening in our pastry. Our fillings are all made to order.

We require a minimum order of 12 pies per flavour. (e.g. 12 Pasty pie, 12 x Five a day pie)
1 dozen (12 pies) $118

Pie flavour list

– Five a day pie: Five Australian vegetables with creamy gravy filling
– Caramelised onion & mushroom pie: 1 hour caramelised onion & mushroom with rich gravy filling
– Indian curry pie: Sweet potato & spinach curry filling made with our secret in-house made curry paste
– Shepherd’s pie: Hearty lentil & vegetable in rich tomato red wine sauce & mash potato top
– Pasty pie: Mixed vegetable cornish pasty in pie form
– Cheesy spinach pie: Sauteed spinach & onion with super *cheesy sauce.
– Lentil Dahl pie: Rich, full of flavour lentil curry
– Vindaloo pie: Sweet potato, chick pea & spinach in vindaloo sauce
– Chilli con ‘carne’ pie: Our version of veggie loaded Mexican classic flavour
– Leek, cheese & potato pie: Caramelised leek in cheesy white sauce with potato

*We do not use commercially made artificial vegan/dairy free cheese in our creation; we make our cheese sauce from scratch