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Cupcakes & Donuts

Indulgence Cupcakes

Our cupcakes & donuts can be ordered by a dozen per flavour. e.g. 12 x Caramocha cupcakes, 12 x Blackforrest. All standard size cupcakes are filled and topped with a generous amount of frosting, created in-house toppings or fresh seasonal fruits. 

Mini cupcakes do not include a filling, they are topped with frosting and standard garnishes. We require a minimum order of 2 dozen (24) per cake flavour, frosting options are vanilla, chocolate, mixed berry, lemon, caramel and mocha. Vanilla and chocolate frosting can be flavoured per dozen eg. 12 vanilla +12 chocolate, other toppings must be per 2 dozen (24) cakes.

Each element used on our desserts is made here in our kitchen including glaze, salted caramel, cookies, biscuits, chocolate etc. This is to ensure they qualify for our stringent dietary requirements and provide top quality treats to our customers.

*Wholesale enquiry* – Thank you so much for your interest in our products. At this stage, we are NOT planning to expand our wholesale outlets due to the number of orders we are currently receiving.

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