Something Unique

Unicorn Cake, Something Unique Another incarnation of the ubiquitous unicorn cake, our unicorns feature coconut bliss horns and ears rather than fondant ones.

Bug birthday cake This birthday cake was created for a little lady who just loves bugs

Penny the dog birthday cake  

Brother Bear Wholefood Cafe – 2 Years old celebration cake Brother Bear in Mount Barker has been an avid supporter and supplier of our product, and this was our token of appreciation for all they have done for us.

The Twinicorn cake, a double-sided unicorn cake Created for a pair of twins having a birthday party, each side has a unique set of eyes and decorations. The horn and ears are made with coconut bliss, making them a pleasure to eat as opposed to the fondant version.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake with Volcano Another incarnation of the ever popular dinosaur cake, this cake has every thing from chocolate chip cookies and coconut sugar cookies to coconut bliss balls for the Pterodactyl eggs!

Mermaid Theme Birthday Cake Created with all house made edible toppings, without fondant or artificial food colours.

Fireman Sam Theme Cake This cake was created for a little man who loves Fireman Sam, a cookie was used to create a freestanding, ladder, flame and firetruck. The figurines were provided by his mother, and we created the theme around them. The hose was made completely from buttercream and choc cookie pieces used as …

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Star Wars theme BB8 Cake Created for a little man who loves BB8, with triangular chocolate shards and coconut bliss ball planets for that futuristic look. Cookie lettering gives the name and age an extra dimension making it stand out as a feature.

Dinosaur Volcano cake What is a dinosaur cake without a volcano, cookie rock formations and candy gems, well, I guess it would be like our Unicorn Dinosaur Cake. We had lots of fun creating this cake, and we hope it made his day extra special.