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Bloominghills is a Gluten free, VEGAN and allergy friendly cake & desserts studio, located in the beautiful suburb of LITTLEHAMPTON (Near Mount Barker / Hahndorf) in the Adelaide Hills. Owned and created by Hanna, who is also a mother of 4 precious children.

It all started at one party – The cake served at the time was a normal cake, parents were asking questions about whether it was gluten free, nut free, dairy free etc. But unfortunately it was not, and those kids with allergies missed out. We thought to ourselves “Surely this can be done!”, making a cake with out allergens should be possible. Boy were we in for a struggle, working with allergy friendly ingredients is hard. 

After some intensive research, we found out that most dietary friendly products contain artificial additives (or preservatives to extend shelf life). So weeding out these ingredients lead to using mostly organic ingredients. At this stage we decided that artificial food colours & decorative items were out of the question.

After many trials and failures (which the kids were all to happy to test out) we have created some recipes that hit the mark of Gluten Free, Vegan (No Dairy, No Egg), Nut Free, Soy Free and nothing artificial.

Our aim is to create delicious cakes & desserts using only clean ingredients that can be enjoyed by (almost!) everyone with or without allergies with less guilt. – That is where our “Bloominghills” journey began.

We only bake GLUTEN FREE

All of our cakes and desserts are made using carefully chosen gluten free grain flours. We do not use bulk cake mixes, the cakes are made to order, from scratch and baked fresh in our kitchen. All of our tools and equipment including the oven are only used for gluten free baking.we do not use or store any gluten containing raw ingredients. (e.g. common wheat flours)

We do not bake non gluten free products or food in our oven to avoid any cross-contamination during baking and try our absolute best to minimise gluten contamination.


“Why do we have to eat cakes made with artificial colours, if we can make them with natural plant and fruit based colours?”

Bloominghills started with this question in mind.  Artificial food colouring can contain lots of nasties and preservatives. Even under the title of “Natural food colouring” may include extra filling compounds like Maltodextrin or other preservatives to extend shelf life at the supermarket.

All of our cakes and desserts are made using natural food colours derived from fruits and vegetables. These colours may not be as vibrant as the artificial ones, but they are full of natural goodness rather than harmful ingredients.  We wanted to make a product that we could happily feed our own children and family.


All of our products are free from any artificial additives.  We always start from the raw ingredients, organic produce, and as little refined sugar as possible.

We prepare all of our fillings and creams fresh for each creation, not using any store bought pre-made foods that often contain nasties to extend shelf life. Our cakes are baked as close as possible to pickup/delivery time to ensure great taste and freshness. Grains and flours oxidize & dry out in the fridge it is a natural process so it is best to consume our cake as soon as possible.

It is not only the appearance, but what’s inside that is important to us.  We believe beautiful cakes can contain beautiful ingredients.



All of our custom designed cakes are created bespoke, ensuring that no two cakes will be the same. We take into account all the requirements and design each cake to suit. Each element is carefully selected, and all the flowers are piped with buttercream. Other than the figurines, everything on our cakes is edible including the flowers, you will not find any artificially coloured fondant or “display only” decorations.

We believe a beautiful cake should taste as good as it looks – This is what Bloominghills is all about.