Bloominghills is a GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN and allergy friendly cake studio, located in Littlehampton (Near Mount Barker / Hahndorf) in the Adelaide Hills. Owned & operated by Hanna since 2017.

All of our products are free from any artificial additives including food colours. We only use vegetable & fruit based colours in our creations, all of our cakes are made from raw ingredients (no pre mixes) and as little refined sugar as possible. We make everything from scratch (e.g. cookies, biscuits, chocolate, toppings etc) this is to ensure we know what is going into our product & less processed ingredients are used in our creations.
We have a dedicated kitchen for Bloominghills – oven, baking pans & trays, utensils, tools & equipment are only used for allergy friendly baking to minimise any cross contamination.

All of our cakes are created bespoke, ensuring that no two cakes will be the same. Everything on our cakes is edible including the flowers (we only use food grade organic freeze dried or fresh edible flowers), you will not find any artificially coloured fondant or “display only” decorations. We believe a beautiful cake should taste as good as it looks.

Our aim is to create delicious cakes & desserts using only clean ingredients that can be enjoyed by (almost!) everyone with or without allergies and with less guilt.