Sweet Blossom and indulgence mini cupcakes
(Our range of different Blossoms on mini cupcakes)

Sweet Blossom mini cupcakes

Perfect for a function, cocktail party, kids birthday party or as a gift for someone very special.

Minimum order – 12 cupcakes, choice of 1 cake flavour & 1 frosting

Gluten free, egg free, diary free, nut free, soy free and Vegan friendly. 

All of our cakes are Gluten free, and we offer many other dietary options including dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free, vegan friendly and refined sugar free. You can select multiple options if required. Please click Allergies & Dietary for more information.

From Classic to Mudcake, we have range of flavours to choose from. Please click Flavours to see our full range.

Also available in standard size.

Sweet Blossom mini cupcakes
(Our classic flavour – Beet velvet that is way better than Red velvet!)
  • Beet Velvet with Vegan cream cheese daisy flower.
Sweet Blossom and Indulgence mini cupakes, many styles
(Mixture of Indulgence and Sweet Blossom mini cupcakes)

From the left,

  • Berry Bliss cake with strawberry cream primrose
  • Madagascan vanilla cake with Vanilla + Strawberry two toned frosting topped with fresh berry(*Fresh fruit extra cost)
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate cream pine cone
  • Beet Velvet with Vegan cream cheese daisy flower.


Sweet blossom mini cupcakes, pine cone, chocolate buttercream
(Chocolate cake with chocolate cream pine cone)

Sweet Blossom mini cupcakes

Mini cupcakes are just too cute to eat, probably the most fiddly creation we make as they are a lot smaller than other cakes, but they still require all those little details.


Flavours gift box, only available certain times of the year
(Our selection of flavours gift box, only available pre-ordered for special days of the year eg, mother’s day, Easter, valentines day)
12 mini cupcake gift box
(Perfect gift for anyone – 12 mini cupcake box)

This is a gift that will impress, making you the favourite husband, parent, uncle, sibling.


Please feel free to have a look at our pricing guideline, and then contact us for a quote, and we will get back to you as soon possible.