Sweet Blossom standard cupcakes - single flower and bouquet

Sweet Blossom cupcakes

Little Sweet flowers on cupcakes for special occasions.

Standard size or Mini size cupcakes available.

Classic flavor range batter ready to go in the ovenIt all begins with the perfect cake recipe.

*Minimum order 12 cupcakes per flavour.

We poured our heart and soul into to perfecting our cake recipes.  Gluten free cakes are one of the trickiest cakes to bake, they are very sensitive and it is hard to get it just right, hence people often say they are too dry, crumbly, hard or gummy like a Japanese mochi cake! Most of us have memories of a gluten based cake, the texture, the flavour, and we would like to match that expectation if not better it. Each Gluten free baker has their own blend of Gluten free flour, our flour is mixed in the Bloominghills kitchen, with exact measurements, producing consistent results every time! We are super proud of our full range of cake flavours, so don’t be afraid to try something different.

From Classic to Mudcake, we have range of flavours to choose from. Please click Flavours to see our full range.

All of our cakes are Gluten free, and we offer many other dietary options including dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free, vegan friendly and refined sugar free. You can select multiple options if required. Please click Allergies & Dietary for more information

Sweet Blossom standard cupcakes - single flower and bouquet

Sweet Blossom standard cupcakes - single flower and bouquet
(Not a single drop of store bought food colouring has been added!)


Fresh fruit powder and buttercream colour testingWe just love our colours made from real fruits and vegetables. They have a really subtle colour, so natural, so warm.

We use no “Natural food colouring” nor “Artificial food colouring” in the Bloominghills kitchen. Have a close look you might just be able to tell what fruit or vegetables we used in our creams. There are no additives or preservatives, we create with only real food goodness.


Sweet Blossom standard cupcakes - single flower and bouquet

These little sweet blossom cupcakes will impress anyone on a special occasion.

Imagine placing these cupcakes on a cupcake stand at your wedding, engagement party…. or receiving these on your birthday.

Most flowers can be piped – we will try anything!, so please feel free to let us know what flowers you would like, colours or design. etc.  We customise our creation for each occasion, we don’t have and fixed designs to pick from.  Each creation will be unique, custom made for you.


Please feel free to have a look at our pricing guideline, and then contact us for a quote, and we will get back to you as soon possible.