InfoBakedAndReady001Bloominghills is a Gluten free and allergy friendly based cake and desserts studio, located in the beautiful suburb of LITTLEHAMPTON (Near Mount Barker / Hahndorf) in the Adelaide Hills.  Owned and created by me (Hanna), who is a loving mother of 4 precious children.

After seeing that a lot of people who would prefer not to eat the decorations on cakes – flowers, fondant, sugar art etc.  I wanted to make beautiful cakes that taste amazing including all the decorations.

I wanted to make cakes that do not contain any artificial food colouring or flavours.  A guilt free cake that I could happily feed my family, especially the little ones.

I wanted to make a cake that tastes like a real home baked cake should.

This is how I make my cakes in the Bloominghills kitchen.


All of our cakes are gluten freeWe are Gluten FREE

At Bloominghills, our aim is to create the best allergy friendly cake, focusing not only how it looks,  but also how it tastes as well. All  of our cakes and desserts are Gluten free, made from scratch.  Baked fresh in our kitchen,  we also welcome any other allergy or dietary requirements.


Fresh fruit ready for the dehydratorWe use NATURAL FOOD COLOURS

“Why do we have to eat cakes made with artificial colours, if we can make them with natural plant and fruit based colours?”

Bloominghills started with this big question in mind.  Artificial food colouring can contain lots of nasties  and Preservative. Does anyone really know what these numbers mean, surely they cannot be good for our bodies, or our precious little ones. Even additives even under the title of “Natural food colouring” may include extra filling compounds (e.g. Maltodextrin) or preservatives to extend shelf life at the supermarket.

All of our cakes and desserts are made using natural food colour from fruits and vegetables. These colours may not be as vibrant as the artificial ones, but they are full of natural goodness rather than harmful ingredients.  We wanted to make a product that we would happily feed our own children and family.

Creating Lamington cupcakes for Australia Day, Strawberry filling with real StrawberriesWe use REAL INGREDIENTS

All our products are free from any artificial flavours.  We always try to use raw ingredients, organic produce, and as little refined sugar as possible.

It is not only the appearance, but what’s inside that is important to us.  We believe beautiful cakes contain beautiful ingredients.


We source local Adelaide as well as Australian made products where possibleWe support Australian product and local business

We try our best to source our ingredients using the “Product of Australia” labels and support local businesses where possible.


We are uniqueSomething Unique - Ice Cream Sundae cake, with buttercream \"ice cream\", chocolate garnish and fresh strawberry

All of our custom designed cakes are created by hand, ensuring that no two cakes will be the same. We take into account your requirements and design each cake to suit. Each element is carefully selected, and all the flowers are individually hand piped to satisfy even your wildest dreams. Everything on our cakes are edible including the flowers, you will not find any gritty artificially coloured fondant or “display only” decorations.

We believe a beautiful cake should taste as good as it looks – This is what Bloominghills is all about.

We create beautiful sweet flower blooms to brighten your very special day.